We understand that the steps to recovery after getting into a motor vehicle accident can be stressful and time consuming. CPRI is here to help streamline the process of you feeling better so you can get back to your daily activities.

As a part of ICBC’s Enhanced Care services, those who have been involved in a car crash and are within the first 90 calendar days of the accident are supported with the Early Access Period. In these cases, any individual that has claimed an injury related to the accident will be automatically granted a pre set number of free therapies to jump-start their road to recovery. This allows you to just walk-in to our clinic to book in right away without having to pay for sessions. All you need is your claim number.

The amounts are valid to be used without prior approval within those 90 days. For instance, you can start on day 80/90 and begin your treatments with the full amounts available to you. In need of more sessions? You are able to send a request for extension to ICBC to get more appointments approved or if the 90-day period has ended.

The services CPRI currently offers for ICBC Early Access Period clients include:

  • Chiropractic
  • Counselling
  • Kinesiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology

CPRI Health is approved by ICBC to help individuals during the Early Access Period after a motor vehicle accident has occurred.

ICBC automatically pre-authorizes treatments after you get into a motor vehicle accident.

All you need to do is report your accident and get your ICBC claim number... we will handle the rest.

How many treatments are you covered for?

  • Chiropractic: 25
  • Counselling: 12
  • Kinesiology: 12
  • Physiotherapy: 25
  • Psychology: 12

What do I need to start my recovery journey?

If you are interested in utilizing your ICBC Early Access Period free sessions or have questions about this service, please reach out to us at rehab@cprihealth.ca