At CPRI, we recognize the importance of business continuity and effective management and planning for positive outcomes. These factors are crucial for fostering a healthy company culture, promoting employee retention, and upholding the values of health oriented integrity.

At CPRI, we offer support for all conceivable medical concerns that could arise within your organization. Our services include aiding in the effective management of workplace injuries, as well as developing health benefits plans and strategies for your company.

CPRI offers oversight for your organization’s medical department and takes charge of managing your team of allied health professionals 

At CPRI, we offer comprehensive corporate health plans that cover all aspects of employee health and wellness. Additionally, we have designed our rapid response plans to be quickly deployed in emergency situations. With our efficient processes, we can implement these plans in the shortest possible time.


CPRI offers medical direction, occupational health advice, and oversees all medical protocols, policies, and execution, while liaising with other health authorities, doctors, and specialists.

Our team comprises members who actively participate in various professional healthcare organizations, including:


Health Promotion (Preventative Measures)

In the 21st century, workplace health promotion has become a vital objective of the World Health Organization. Employees physical and mental health largely depends on feeling secure in the workplace. This entails having employees who are confident in their understanding of health and safety measures related to your industry. We can assist you in organizing and overseeing employee education on safe practices, lifestyle adjustments, stress management, and general health upkeep.

Case Management & Counselling

At CPRI, we offer case management plans that are tailored to individual medical assessments and requirements. Our case management services go beyond just managing lost time injuries. It also comprises conducting needs assessments, referring individuals to the appropriate services, and providing follow-up services. We have extensive experience in developing policies, guidance, and counselling for non-medical cases to facilitate a collective understanding between the employer and the employee.

Our goal is to advocate for positive outcomes that benefit all parties involved.

Allied Health

Workforce Maintenance Recovery

Despite having proper education, awareness of workplace safety, and well-established safety culture with adherence to OSHA guidelines, workplace incidents can still occur. In such situations, it is critical for trained healthcare professionals to manage complex patient cases effectively. To ensure positive outcomes for employees and minimize the impact of incidents on business operations, several fundamental healthcare management principles must be followed. This includes timely, accurate, and comprehensive incident reporting. CPRI has a thorough understanding of all aspects of healthcare and the business requirements necessary to achieve these goals. CPRI is equipped to handle complex cases and provide the necessary support to ensure successful outcomes for all involved.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Effective management of regulatory and legal requirements is crucial for many companies, as various components can interact in complex and unexpected ways. With the increasing number of fluctuating local requirements in addition to established OSHA guidelines and applicable laws, industries are faced with the challenge of remaining compliant while operating their business. To ensure your company stays compliant, it is important to rely on certified healthcare workers who have a thorough understanding of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and keep up to date with the latest developments. By doing so, you can be confident that your company is in good hands and will continue to operate effectively while meeting all necessary requirements.

Timely Care = Positive Results