Trineta completed her Physiotherapy training in Mumbai, India and then went on to do her
Masters program at McGill University. She loves all things neuro and has a strong passion for helping those with chronic conditions thrive!

She has completed additional certifications and training in Dysautonomia, Chronic pain, Dystonia, Movement Disorders, Functional neurological disorders, Concussion, and vestibular rehabilitation. She leads a Concussion and Dysautonomia program and has played an active role in mentoring other physiotherapists and kinesiologists. Trineta has also actively engaged in clinical neuro research with several publications
to her name and has presented her work at prestigious conferences globally.

Trineta strongly believes in treating clients based on their specific needs and not following a ‘one
fit for all’ approach based on a diagnosis. She believes in constantly learning and growing with
her clients and has been loved for going above and beyond for them. Nothing brings her more
joy than seeing her clients beam with the hope of leading a fulfilling functional life.

In her spare time, Trineta loves learning new dance forms and is a trained jazz dancer. She also
loves the outdoors and often spends her weekends exploring the beautiful hikes across BC.