Clinical Counselor

Sanela completed a Master of Counseling at City University, after having completed several other degrees apart from psychology, such as business, English language, and Montessori Education for children. She extended her love of learning to counselling and has been trained in various modalities and interventions for trauma and PTSD survivors. Her experience of war (she is Bosnian, from Sarajevo) highlighted the fragility of life, taught gratitude, and inspired a desire to be there for others to help ease their pain. Her work with refugees and former combatants proved to me how deeply scarring and life-diminishing unresolved trauma can be. Working in group homes and parenting teenagers has led me to mentor youth in the areas of addiction, relationships, ADHD, anxiety and behavioural issues.

By far her passion lies in working with clients with chronic pain, where personal experience of living with fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis, has deepened my skills. Honouring the mind-body connection, she employs Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused Therapy, holistic and humanistic approaches to counselling, and encourage healing and wholehearted living. I strive to bring my authentic curiosity, warmth and openness into the counselling room, working towards helping clients achieve realistic solutions.