Family Doctor (Chronic Pain & Mental Health)

Dr. Devon Christie is a family doctor with a focused practice in chronic pain and mental health. She has training and certification in MyoActivation, Functional Medicine, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Relational Somatic Therapy for trauma resolution, Level 1 Internal Family Systems, MDMA-assisted therapy, and ketamine-assisted therapy.

Her research interests include psychedelic-assisted therapies in treating pain, and educating psychedelic therapists. Devon delivers ketamine-assisted therapy at Numinus, and is their Senior Lead of Psychedelic Programs, developing and implementing psychedelic treatment and therapist training programs. 

Devon is passionate about broadening the modern healthcare paradigm to encompass trauma-informed approaches that incorporate scientific advances in our bio-psycho-social understanding of illness and wellness. She sees careful integration of psychedelic-assisted therapies as part of a movement toward an holistic approach that traditional systems of healing have long emphasized.