CPRI Medical & Rehab is the largest outpatient group in the lower mainland in physiatry & interventional pain. We are accredited by the CPSBC as one of the few facilities in the province to perform advanced pain management procedures. Our unique Specialist Supported Rehab (SSR) model ensures maximal effectiveness of your rehab program and helps prevent the acute to chronic pain transition.


CPRI’s mission is to act as impartial health advocates and utilize evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge technology to bring about positive changes in healthcare that enhance patient outcomes.


Our goal is to always provide holistic, person centric, comprehensive, and evidenced based care to the person in front of us. Every patient’s experience of chronic pain is unique, and we believe so is their treatment and rehabilitation.


Our commitment to our province and country is to advocate for chronic pain, educate our future generations of health care providers, educate the community of health care providers and advocate for systems level change across the nation to spread the awareness for chronic pain.​

Our commitment to each patient is to do our best to prevent, treat and help them manage their pain and its impact on their life to the best of our abilities.






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CPRI Health and Rehab strives to utilize the best abilities in order to prevent, treat, and assist patients in managing their pain and its effects on their daily lives.​

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Our Medical Services


Medication Management Strategies & Initiation

Our physicians have extensive knowledge and experience with all classes of pain medications and abide by Canadian & International guidelines for opioid, anti-neuropathic & adjunct medications.

Allied Health

Psychological & Self-Management Strategies

We can help identify the impact that chronic pain can have on mental health and work proactively to help develop solutions.

Interventional Pain Procedures


Regenerative Medicine

CPRI offers Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Regenerative treatments are guided by evidenced-based medicine.

Active Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation therapists will work with patients to develop a movement-based exercise program and optimize their function.

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